A Prescription Pre-Exercise?! The Maximus Blood Movement Protocol by Dr. Cameron Sepah

After a 50+ episode hiatus, Maximus founder and CEO Dr. Cameron Sepah is again on the PricePlow Podcast for the primary of two new episodes to present us the replace on what’s occurring within the pharmaceutical world of efficiency enhancement.

Dr. Cameron Sepah: The Maximus Blood Flow Protocol on PricePlow Podcast Episode #124

Dr. Cameron Sepah of Maximus re-joins the PricePlow Podcast for Episode #124 to speak about their Blood Movement Protocol, a “prescription pre-workout” with Tadalafil and Vardenafil, two synergistic medicine to massively improve blood movement past what dietary dietary supplements can ever do.

For Episode #124, we discuss in regards to the Maximus Blood Movement Protocol, which is a potent synergistic mixture of Tadalafil and Vardenafil to spice up blood movement in ways in which dietary complement formulators might solely dream of.

Dr. Cam was beforehand on episode #062, the place he launched Maximus and talked all issues testosterone, and episode #070, the place he launched us to the science behind tadalafil. The “Maximus Lover Protocol” mentioned in #070 has been upgraded to the Blood Movement Protocol that’s mentioned as we speak, nevertheless, which is why he’s again to speak in regards to the reformulation.

We joke that this can be a “prescription pre-workout”, and whereas that phrase can be utilized, however the science is displaying that there’s a number of knowledge supporting cardiovascular enhancements and potential longevity performs with the medicine used on this protocol.

You may hearken to it beneath in your platform of alternative, or watch the YouTube video beneath that:

  • 0:00 – Re-Introductions

    In Episode #124 of the PricePlow Podcast, Dr. Cameron Sepah returns to debate the evolution of what was initially launched because the “Maximus Lover Protocol” in episode #070 into the world’s first “prescription pre-workout”, now centered on blood movement and efficiency enhancement.

    Maximus Blood Flow Protocol

    Dr. Sepah explains how bodybuilders have used medicine like Viagra or Cialis off-label to boost exercises, sexual, and cognitive features.

    The dialog highlights a shift from the earlier use of Tadalafil and PT-141, the latter of which was geared toward boosting libido, to a brand new formulation that features Tadalafil (generally bought as Cialis) and Vardenafil (generally bought as Levitra) for an improved synergistic impact on blood movement.

    This reformulation is a part of the corporate’s R&D efforts to higher fulfill consumer wants for enhanced gymnasium efficiency, resulting in its rebranding because the Maximus Blood Movement Protocol.

    Tadalafil and vardenafil are each members of a category of medication referred to as PDE5 inhibitors, which inhibit an enzyme named cyclic guanosine monophosphate-specific phosphodiesterase sort 5 (PDE5), resulting in enormously elevated blood movement.[1]

  • 3:15 – The Maximus Blood Movement Protocol

    Dr. Sepah discusses the Blood Movement Protocol, detailing a sublingual pill combining Vardenafil and Tadalafil for enhanced exercise efficiency. This formulation presents the benefit of speedy onset, with Vardenafil peaking in plasma focus inside about 36 minutes, contrasting with Tadalafil’s slower peak however longer half-life, offering all-day advantages. This dual-action strategy caters to each quick exercise enhancement and longer-term results, comparable to improved sexual operate.

    Dr. Cameron Sepah Maximus PricePlow Podcast

    In Episode #062 of the PricePlow Podcast, we meet Dr. Cameron Sepah, founding father of Maximus, who’s right here that can assist you increase testosterone in a clinically-meaningful method with out TRT. Put together to be taught a ton about enclomiphene on this episode!

    Sepah emphasizes the scientific foundation for utilizing these PDE5 inhibitors, highlighting their vasodilatory results that improve blood movement to muscle tissue with out the chance of unintended erections except stimulated. The dialogue additionally covers how these inhibitors can delay muscle fatigue, improve muscular endurance, and probably double muscle protein synthesis,[2] just like the results of injectable testosterone, however with fewer unwanted side effects as a result of decrease doses required, particularly with Vardenafil’s efficiency. There’s even proof of lowered cognitive decline.[3]

  • 13:00 – Enhancing general circulation with Tadalafil and Vardenafil

    Dr. Sepah addresses the misperception that elevated blood movement to muscle tissue would possibly cut back movement elsewhere, clarifying that PDE-5 inhibitors improve general circulation, together with to the mind, with out detracting from different areas. Sepah discusses analysis indicating improved cognitive efficiency and a attainable discount in Alzheimer’s threat because of enhanced cerebral blood movement.

    Moreover, he critiques the overuse of caffeine for its vasoconstrictive results, contrasting it with the vasodilatory, non-stimulatory nature of PDE-5 inhibitors which supply benefits like lowered blood strain and potential cardio safety. Sepah argues for the broader well being advantages of PDE-5 inhibitors, together with prostate well being and enhanced sexual operate, suggesting these might play a job in bettering general high quality of life and well being span with out the unwanted side effects related to stimulants like caffeine.

    Why tadalafil over sildenafil (generally bought as Viagra)? As a result of tadalafil has an extended half-life (17.5 hours vs. ~4 hours).[4] Moreover, meals doesn’t have an effect on the absorption of tadalafil, but it surely does for sildenafil.[5] This supplies far extra flexibility.

  • 19:30 – Efficiency advantages and consistency

    Male Function Reporting

    Because of an onslaught of endocrine-disruptions, males’s hormonal programs aren’t working like they used to. Maximus has a three-pronged resolution referred to as the Testosterone Protocol. Picture courtesy Maximus.

    Ben highlights the approach to life and well being advantages of utilizing low doses of Tadalafil for prostate well being and blood strain administration, complementing its efficacy as a pre-workout complement for enhanced gymnasium efficiency. Cam helps this view, emphasizing the significance of minimal efficient dosing over excessive doses, which may have detrimental results. He explains the mix of Tadalafil and Vardenafil in low doses not solely boosts gymnasium efficiency but in addition supplies cognitive and sexual advantages.

    Cam advises every day consumption, no matter exercise frequency, to take care of regular serum ranges for constant advantages and improve restoration, even on relaxation days. This strategy is contrasted with conventional ED medicine utilization, which is usually on an as-needed foundation, illustrating the broader well being and restoration benefits of constant, low-dose PDE-5 inhibitor use.

    Curiously, a double-blind, placebo-controlled randomized examine discovered that males taking Cialis had greater testosterone ranges after train in comparison with placebo![6] One other examine that non-obese males with gentle ED given tadalafil had elevated stomach muscle mass, doubtless because of its supportive results on insulin secretion, estrogen ranges, and naturally endothelial operate.[7]

  • 25:30 – Aspirin Synergy

    Dr. Cam clarifies that whereas child aspirin is not a part of their protocol because of its minimal threat discount in coronary heart assaults and its blood-thinning results, it could synergize with PDE-5 inhibitors to probably improve erectile operate. Nevertheless, he doesn’t see it as a necessity for his or her routine.


    Enclomiphene: The Maximus Take a look at-Boosting Drug that may be a higher various to TRT

    Addressing the mix of their prescription pre-workout with over-the-counter dietary supplements, Dr. Sepah notes the security of amino acids like L-citrulline for gentle pump results however cautions towards combining nitrates with PDE-5 inhibitors as a result of threat of extreme blood strain drop.[8]

    He argues that the prescription mix presents ample efficiency without having extra over-the-counter muscle pump enhancers. Cam advises towards polypharmacy, recommending monitoring one’s blood strain when stacking dietary supplements and medicines to keep away from hypotensive unwanted side effects and suggesting a extra conservative strategy to complement use to evaluate particular person results and keep well being.

  • 32:00 – PDE-5 inhibitors in bodybuilding

    Ben and Cam talk about the usage of Cialis amongst bodybuilders, notably in untested federations, the place it’s commonly included of their routine not only for its blood pressure-lowering results because of exogenous hormone use but in addition for the numerous muscle pumps it supplies. This observe has turned Cialis right into a staple for a lot of, permitting them to deal with different health features like hydration and diet with out overemphasizing pump dietary supplements.

    Cam acknowledges the bodybuilding neighborhood’s pioneering use of PDE-5 inhibitors for exercise enhancement, crediting them for figuring out the advantages lengthy earlier than scientific analysis caught up. He highlights the evolution of those medicine for higher efficacy and fewer unwanted side effects, with bodybuilders now recognizing the synergistic results of mixing Tadalafil and Vardenafil for superior pumps and efficiency, emphasizing the significance of minimal efficient dosing for optimum outcomes.

  • 36:00 – Laws, high quality, and requirements

    Maximus Blood Flow Protocol Dosage

    Maximus is a shopper telemedicine firm that gives on-line physician consultations and FDA-inspected pharmacy companies, out there in 46 states, excluding a couple of like Alaska and Alabama. Cam discusses the rigorous regulation within the pharmaceutical trade, guaranteeing exact dosages and purity of medicines, contrasting with the much less regulated complement trade the place high quality and ingredient accuracy can differ considerably. He emphasizes the advantages of prescription-grade drugs and dietary supplements, like their prescription energy multivitamin, for his or her assured efficiency and security, highlighted by the instance of pharmaceutical-grade omega-3s, which keep away from the rancidity points widespread in over-the-counter variations.

    The dialogue touches on points with complement high quality, citing particular examples the place manufacturers like Now Meals have identified inconsistencies in complement components (see our latest article on NOW Meals berberine testing). Cam advises cautious number of respected manufacturers to make sure product high quality and security, underlining the huge variations in regulatory requirements and enforcement between prescribed drugs and dietary supplements.

    Moreover, Cam addresses the usage of drugs for BPH and nocturia, discussing the roles and results of PDE5 inhibitors and 5 alpha-reductase inhibitors like finasteride, whereas cautioning towards over-reliance on PSA ranges as an indicator of prostate well being.

  • 52:15 – Prostate points and well being markers

    The Blood Movement Protocol has proven anecdotal advantages in lowering nocturnal urination, a typical situation associated to prostate well being. Whereas the corporate doesn’t prescribe PDE5 inhibitors particularly for treating prostate or urinary points, customers have reported this as an ancillary profit.[9] Cam emphasizes the significance of consulting with a healthcare supplier for vital prostate or urinary issues to rule out underlying causes.

    Sexual Arousal Nitric Oxide Mechanism

    Cialis (tadalafil) inhibits PDE5, the enzyme that degrades cGMP to five′-GMP, successfully growing cGMP ranges and amplifying the erectile response to nitric oxide.[10]

    A big 2019 meta-analysis analyzing 36 research involving 2,999 members confirmed that PDE5 inhibitors have a profound medical profit on a selected sort of hypertension referred to as pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH).[11] They might additionally assist with different sorts of hypertension as effectively, but it surely’s most pronounced with PAH.

    Moreover, Maximus has begun incorporating PSA testing as a security measure of their new testosterone protocol, not because of a direct want however as a precaution to observe any vital adjustments post-treatment. Cam additionally introduces a revolutionary, nearly painless FDA-approved blood assortment machine for dwelling use, enhancing the comfort and accuracy of testing for his or her protocols, contrasting sharply with much less dependable strategies like dried blood spot or saliva assessments. This machine permits for the correct measurement of a wide range of well being markers important for Maximus’s customized well being protocols, together with these for testosterone enhancement and weight reduction, with out the necessity for conventional lab visits.

  • 1:00:00 – Vitamin D

    Dr. Cameron Sepah: The Maximus Blood Flow Protocol on PricePlow Podcast Episode #124

    Maximus is including vitamin D to their testing panel, highlighting its important function because of widespread deficiencies, even amongst these with vital solar publicity. Cam shares his personal expertise of turning into vitamin D poor after ceasing supplementation, underscoring the need of vitamin D (alongside vitamin K2 for optimum absorption) for immune operate and probably aiding testosterone ranges when poor.

    The podcast concludes with Cam inviting listeners to attempt the protocol for noticeable enhancements in varied well being markers and introducing the Maximus neighborhood, emphasizing important considering and skepticism in direction of well being info, even from credentialed professionals.

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