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4 Efficient Decrease-Physique Workout routines

It’s not only for curls. Use the EZ-bar for traditional leg workouts and set hearth to your quads, hams, and glutes. Right here’s how.

Each gymnasium has an EZ-curl bar, and it’s not only for arm day. It’s really an excellent software for lower-body coaching. It’s additionally a very good choice for dwelling lifters who don’t have a squat rack.

Because of the distinctive form of the bar, two positions work properly: the entrance rack or entrance squat place, and the Zercher. So let’s evaluation these positions, the right way to get the bar in place, and 4 cool workouts to check out.

Place 1: The Entrance Rack

Holding the EZ-bar in a California-style entrance rack (arms crossed) is as snug because it will get. Many wrestle with the usual entrance rack due to mobility restrictions and jacked-up shoulders. The form of the EZ-bar sits properly on the shoulders, whereas the California grip provides to the consolation.

The slender width of the bar additionally makes it much less awkward for freshmen, in addition to for occasions when the squat rack is taken up or area is proscribed.

Advantages of the entrance rack embody a extra upright torso, a ahead load distribution, larger quadriceps dominance, and strong trunk improvement.

Place 2: The Zercher Maintain

The form of the bar suits properly within the crooks of the elbows, and just a little padding will increase the consolation of this sometimes-awkward setup.

That anterior load will hearth up practically each muscle in your physique. It’s a very good place to make use of for those who’re restricted on exercise time, and it’s nice for these concerned in MMA and tactical energy and conditioning. Within the Zercher place, you’ll be able to squat, lunge, break up squat, hip hinge, and do step-ups and loaded carries.

How Do You Get It Up?

The entrance rack place is simple. For the Zercher, nevertheless, you may need to use some elbow or knee sleeves, a towel, or Fats Gripz for added padding. If there’s respectable weight on the bar, it may be awkward to choose the bar up and get it into place. You will have 4 choices:

  • Sit the bar on a gymnasium bench and cargo it there. Take it from a kneeling or half-kneeling place.
  • Use free-moving (unbiased) squat stands. That is the most suitable choice for greater weights.
  • Load the bar whereas it sits on a preacher bench and take it from there.
  • Set the Zercher place off the ground. You’re additionally welcome to choose it up like a gorilla in case your physique means that you can.

4 Methods to Use the EZ-Bar on Leg Day

Ensure to look at the video above to get a good suggestion of how these are imagined to look.


You’ll really feel this one deeply within the glutes and hams. The staggered stance nails one facet at a time HARD. The addition of the Zercher maintain lights up your higher again, traps, and arms. Preserve your toes pointed in the identical path. Don’t step too far ahead with the entrance foot. It’s a stagger, not a full step. Preserve your backbone impartial.


Why is the entrance squat a traditional elevate however not a front-racked lunge? Lunging on this place is a factor and deserves extra consideration. Doing it in reverse from a step comes with the added advantages of hitting the quads whereas sparing the knees.

And also you don’t need to have a barbell to do it. This model is nice for each freshmen and superior. Begin with simply the EZ-bar to get a really feel for it, then load it up with extra weight. Do all of your reps on one leg earlier than switching to the opposite.

3. Zercher Lunge

For this one, step ahead with the EZ bar within the criminal of your elbows. You may alternate legs, as you see within the video, or hit your reps on one leg, then transfer to the opposite.

Discover the upright torso. Whenever you lunge ahead, don’t let the load in your arms pull you down. Holding this place is what challenges and builds your higher physique whilst you prepare your legs.

4. Zercher Cut up Squat

Not like the lunge variations above, for this one, preserve your toes in the identical place and transfer your physique up and down the way in which you’ll for a squat. Therefore the title: break up squat. Be at liberty so as to add a pad on your knee to faucet on the backside.

Bonus Tip: Step-ups and loaded carries additionally work nice with an EZ-bar in both the Zercher or front-rack place.

Make any exercise work higher. Gas it.


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