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“No thanks, I’m switching to tea.”

We’ve all both uttered these phrases, or heard them uttered, many instances in our lives. We’ve all witnessed, or skilled, a breakdown in a single’s relationship to espresso that’s so full it prompts us to achieve for a kinder, much less stimulating various.

What makes tea a lot simpler to cope with? A giant a part of the reply, after all, is that one serving of tea naturally incorporates a much smaller dose of caffeine, and of methylxanthine alkaloids usually, than does one serving of espresso. So, we will drink much more tea earlier than getting overstimulated.

Let’s be trustworthy, although, most of us ultimately make our means again to espresso. So what can we do to make the habit simpler on ourselves?

Happily, Revive MD is providing us a viable answer.

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ReviveMD Suntheanine L-Theanine

One other large purpose for tea’s comparatively forgiving nature is an amino acid referred to as theanine. Whereas Camellia sinensis, the plant that offers us white, inexperienced, oolong, and black teas, naturally incorporates excessive ranges of theanine, espresso does not. And due to theanine’s affect on the mind, this discrepancy between the 2 drinks finally has a big effect on person expertise.

Revive MD Suntheanine

And in relation to theanine sourcing, our favourite kind – and the long-time business normal – is Suntheanine L-theanine, which is why we’re stoked to see Revive MD utilizing it. We’ll get into what makes Suntheanine so particular, however first let’s cowl some background on what theanine is and the way it works.

Caffeine’s sidekick and pure foil

Within the mind, theanine truly behaves like a neurotransmitter,[1] the place it has enjoyable, anti-anxiety results. It has an inhibitory impact on neurotransmission,[2-4] which principally means it calms neurons down.

The upshot for the person is a palpable anti-anxiety impact. One of the best half, although, is that theanine isn’t a sedative – it helps you get relaxed with out inflicting drowsiness.[5]

How theanine and caffeine synergize

Theanine was catapulted to prominence within the early 2010s by biohackers who championed it for its capacity to synergize with caffeine, serving to you retain the upside of caffeine use whereas mitigating the draw back.


Though we don’t but have a complete understanding of how theanine and caffeine work together,[6] some analysis has proven that theanine helps reverse caffeine’s cerebral vasoconstriction impact,[7] which can be a giant a part of the reason.

Cognitive efficiency

Revive MD Suntheanine Ingredients

Regardless of the purpose, analysis persistently finds that combining theanine and caffeine improves temper and cognition to a better extent than both ingredient alone. This was most famously demonstrated in a groundbreaking 2008 randomized managed research that discovered theanine+caffeine elevated accuracy on a cognitive examined, decreased fatigue, sped up response instances, and expanded arithmetic working reminiscence to a better extent than both caffeine or theanine alone.[8] The mixture additionally left topics higher in a position to choose the which means of written texts, whereas rising their alertness.[8]

Cleaner vitality enhance

Talking extra subjectively and anecdotally, nearly anybody who’s tried the theanine and caffeine combo will report that it actually takes the sting off caffeine, giving them a peaceful, centered buzz with out the “soiled,” jittery vitality that we usually see from massive caffeine doses.

Sleep help

Unsurprisingly, theanine has been recognized as a terrific potential sleep help.[5,9] As a part of its inhibitory impact, theanine can upregulate GABA,[10] a famously calming and anxiolytic neurotransmitter that’s generally focused by sleep-promoting dietary supplements. Research present that theanine administration can truly scale back resting coronary heart price,[10] which is a powerful signal of leisure and doubtless helpful for nearly anybody who’s struggling to fall or keep asleep.

Why Suntheanine Is Particular – Enantiomerically Pure

So why want Suntheanine L-theanine to generic L-theanine?

Revive MD Suntheanine

The reply, as is often the case with trademarked or patented substances, is purity. Nevertheless, in Suntheanine’s case, we’re speaking a few barely completely different form of purity than ordinary. What we often imply by a pure ingredient is that it’s freed from contaminants – which means the producer goes to extraordinary lengths to make sure that the ultimate product doesn’t comprise any residues of, for instance, solvents or heavy metals that will have been concerned within the manufacturing course of.

Now, to be clear, Suntheanine is pure in that sense: when it comes to chemical purity, it’s as pure as a designer ingredient will get.

However what makes Suntheanine actually particular – and earned it patented standing slightly than simply trademarked – is that it’s manufactured utilizing a particular enzymatic course of that ensures stereochemical purity.

That’s, Suntheanine consists of 100% L-theanine.

To know the importance of that, it’s important to know what the L-prefix in L-theanine actually signifies. The reason is present in stereochemistry – the research of molecules’ spatial association.

In stereochemistry, the research of chemical isomers, there’s a idea referred to as chirality, which in very simplified phrases signifies that should you create a mirror picture of a molecule, you’ll get a picture that may’t be superimposed on the unique picture. If that’s difficult to know, consider your left and proper fingers: though they’re mirror photographs of one another, should you stack them on prime of one another, they won’t completely overlap.

These pairs of chiral mirror photographs are referred to as enantiomers. Relating to theanine, L-theanine is what’s referred to as left-handed enantiomer, whereas its reverse quantity D-theanine is the right-handed enantiomer.

Revive MD Suntheanine

We wish L-theanine as a substitute of D-theanine as a result of in relation to dietary supplementation, the left-handed enantiomers of amino acids are extra efficacious than the right-handed ones, and theanine is not any exception to that rule. Pharmacokinetic research in animals have discovered that L-theanine is preferentially absorbed by mammalian organisms, whereas D-theanine is preferentially excreted.[11] In different phrases, L-theanine is bioavailable whereas D-theanine shouldn’t be.

Why Suntheanine Obtained A Patent – 100% L-isomer Course of

So with all that in thoughts, we will lastly perceive how cool it’s that Suntheanine is produced utilizing a patented enzymatic course of that generates solely the L-isomer L-theanine.[12] In different phrases, Suntheanine is enantiomerically pure – it consists solely of the enantiomer we wish, providing you with essentially the most bang in your buck and most constant dosing.

FDA Usually Acknowledged As Secure (GRAS)

Moreover, Suntheanine has been subjected to an intensive security analysis course of, which culminated in it being given the Usually Acknowledged As Secure (GRAS) designation by the U.S. Meals and Drug Administration.[13]

Suntheanine-specific research

Lastly, loads of research have been achieved utilizing suntheanine particularly, versus generic L-theanine. These research have discovered that along with offering all the standard advantages of generic theanine, Suntheanine can:

Revive MD B-Complex

Mix your Suntheanine with Revive’s B-Complicated to enhance mind operate and fatigue much more!

  • Mitigate the results of stress whereas bettering cognition[14]
  • Enhance cognition within the middle-aged and aged[15]
  • Enhance depressive signs[16]
  • Lower symptom severity in boys with ADHD[17]
  • Partially reverse epigenetic adjustments related to PTSD[18]


Suntheanine has been the business normal theanine for nicely over a decade now, and it’s not onerous to see why. It’s priced competitively with generic theanine, and comes with tons of assurances about purity and security that thriller theanine sources can’t present.

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