Kaged Protein Isolate Elite with ioWhey and MAX Catalyst Coming August thirty first

New releases from Kaged Dietary supplements are at all times thrilling, notably when it’s a brand new protein powder.

In any case, Kaged Dietary supplements – previously Kaged Muscle – minimize their tooth on premium protein. Though they’ve since branched out, they’re nonetheless trade leaders for whey, casein, and even plant-based protein dietary supplements.

Kaged Protein Isolate

Kaged’s 2018 launch of Micropure Whey Protein Isolate was an trade occasion. Micropure established Kaged’s bona fides, proving Kaged is among the many cream of the crop relating to pure, tasty, and clear protein dietary supplements.

Introducing Kaged Protein Isolate Elite Coming to GNC August 31, 2023

Now Kaged is taking one other stab with Protein Isolate Elite, which comes alongside the Kaged Pre-Exercise Elite and Hydration Elite product launches at GNC on August 31, 2023.

Protein Isolate Elite represents the trade’s new customary for supplemental protein. That’s as a result of it’s not precisely a whey complement – it’s truly a fastidiously calibrated mix of whey, casein, and milk protein (which is whey + casein earlier than separation). By utilizing a mixture of various milk protein fractions, Protein Isolate Elite will help you construct muscle higher than both whey or casein alone.

Combining whey and casein is the pure evolution for Kaged protein dietary supplements – Kaged got here out with Kaged Kasein, then Micropure, and now we’re getting a complement with each proteins in the identical serving.

Though it is a easy change of idea, it’s thrilling for customers and the trade as an entire. We’ll speak about why combining proteins is a superb concept, and the way it works that will help you construct as a lot muscle as humanly potential, however first, let’s examine the PricePlow information and offers for Kaged Dietary supplements:

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Hit Your Macro Targets with Kaged Protein Isolate Elite

There’s a ton of analysis (mentioned on the backside of this submit) explaining why a high-protein food regimen is so vital. However it’s powerful to eat meat continuous. That’s the place protein dietary supplements like Kaged Protein Isolate Elite are available in.

KAGED Elite Series Protein Isolate

Since 77% of the energy in Kaged Protein Isolate Elite come from its 25 grams of protein per serving, utilizing this product could make hitting your goal macronutrient break up a lot simpler – particularly once you’re limiting your caloric consumption for the sake of dropping fats.

Shedding Fats Is Simpler With The Thermic Impact of Protein

One other advantage of the high-protein food regimen is that the thermic impact of meals is far larger for protein than it’s for carbohydrates or fats.[1] By thermic impact, we’re referring to the quantity of vitality your physique expends digesting your meals – protein is tougher in your physique to interrupt down, so you find yourself burning extra energy the extra protein you eat.

In different phrases your web caloric consumption is decrease once you eat extra protein. Analysis has proven that when research individuals eat isocaloric diets with various macronutrient composition, individuals who eat extra protein even have a barely larger resting metabolic charge (RMR) than these consuming much less protein.[2]

Protein Makes You Really feel Full

One other research discovered that individuals who obtained 30% of their energy from protein spontaneously ate 441 fewer energy day by day, in comparison with a management group.[3] Since a pound of physique fats accommodates about 3,500 energy, this implies you might theoretically lose nearly a pound of physique fats per week by consuming this fashion – with out having to consciously measure your meals consumption or limit energy.

Your mileage could range, but when shedding fats and constructing muscle is your aim, growing protein consumption is sort of definitely going that will help you get what you need.


In a single 1 scoop (35 gram) serving of Protein Isolate Elite from Kaged Dietary supplements, you get the next:

  • ioWhey Protein Isolate – 15 grams

    Whey protein is the trade’s hottest type of protein , and there are good causes for that.

    ioWhey Protein

    First, the particular amino acids that make up whey are extraordinarily bioavailable,[4] which implies that your physique truly digests and makes use of an enormous share of the whey you ingest. Distinction this with plant-sourced protein, which generally has poor bioavailability, and principally passes by way of your physique with out being digested or used to construct muscle.[5]

    Whey can be extremely insulinogenic,[6] that means it stimulates insulin secretion to a better extent than most different types of protein. Though insulin signaling is often one thing that we attempt to reduce when optimizing well being and longevity, insulin is usually a good factor within the context of restoration from train, serving to to extend muscle protein synthesis[7] by serving to your physique use dietary protein.

    Paradoxically, whereas whey does stimulate the secretion of insulin to a big diploma, whey supplementation nonetheless will increase insulin sensitivity (i.e., decreases insulin resistance) because of its impression in your physique’s antioxidant capability.[8] That is because of whey’s excessive focus of cysteine,precursor to glutathione, your physique’s grasp antioxidant.[9]

    Whey additionally accommodates a number of important amino acids – these are the amino acids that your physique can’t make by itself and should acquire of their full kind from exterior sources.[10]

    Analysis on has repeatedly proven that whey supplementation can velocity up power and muscle positive aspects.[10-13]

    Why ioWhey?

    One factor we love about Kaged Protein Isolate Elite is that Kaged has opted for using ioWhey, a type of whey with even larger bioavailability than generic whey.

    ioWhey Absorption Contest

    In an absorption contest in opposition to generic whey (the management group on this graph), ioWhey received by a large margin. The research discovered that ioWhey (marked WPI + io) will increase plasma amino acid ranges far more effectively than customary whey protein isolate.[14]

    Analysis on ioWhey exhibits that extra successfully will increase serum amino acid ranges than generic whey.[14,15] No shock, then, that it additionally appears to do higher at growing power and muscle positive aspects.[14,15]

    You’ll be able to learn extra about ioWhey in our submit Supercharged Protein: How Ingredient Optimized (io) Improves Protein Powder.

  • Natural Micellar Casein Isolate – 5 grams

    In addition to whey, we even have micellar casein isolate in Kaged Protein Isolate Elite. Collectively, whey and casein make up the 2 teams of proteins in mammal milk.[16]

    Though it’s conventional for complement firms to promote protein dietary supplements consisting of both whey or casein, in recent times we’ve seen an trade pattern in the direction of combining whey and casein in the identical product. The rationale for that is that taking these two proteins collectively is definitely more practical than taking both one alone.

    One research from 2016 randomized rats to obtain both whey, casein, or milk protein supplementation after train. The researchers then measured how briskly the rats in every group created new muscle protein, and calculated the whole impression that every protein complement had on muscle protein synthesis.[17]

    They discovered that the milk protein group – which obtained a mixture of casein and whey – constructed muscle sooner than the whey-only or casein-only teams.[17]

    Milk Protein Synthesis Rate

    the rats’ fractional synthesis charge (FSR) was larger on common for milk protein (MP) than for both casein (CA) or whey (WP). The world below the curve (AUC) for FSR was highest within the MP group.[17]

    Why whey+casein works higher

    Whey and casein every trigger muscle synthesis to peak at completely different instances after ingestion.[17] Whereas whey acts quick for fast restoration after train, casein’s results final longer and lengthen the anabolic response in comparison with whey.[17] Which means taking each provides you the most effective of each worlds: an anabolic response that begins rapidly and lasts for some time.

    Human analysis has reached comparable conclusions. For instance, one 2006 research discovered that whey+casein added extra muscle than both whey alone or casein alone throughout a 10-week resistance coaching program.[18]

    Whey and casein additionally activate completely different anabolic components. For instance, whereas whey is very insulinogenic, casein causes your physique to secrete extra insulin-like progress issue (IGF-1).[19] These two hormones are anabolic in numerous methods, and will complement one another in a synergistic trend, for a extra highly effective anabolic response.[20]

  • Milk Protein Isolate – 5 grams

    As we have been saying earlier, milk protein isolate is principally simply the mix of whey and casein, earlier than they’re separated. Using all three protein fractions – whey, casein, and milk protein isolate – in all probability implies that Kaged is attempting to realize a selected whey-to-casein ratio.

    The whey-to-casein ratio of human milk is 60:40, whereas for animal milk it’s about 20:80.[21] This implies the whey-heavy composition of Kaged Protein Isolate brings it extra in keeping with the milk protein fraction that human beings advanced to digest.

  • MAX Catalyst (Piper nigrum Fruit Extract) (95% Piperine) – 2 mg

    KAGED Pre-Workout Elite Series x GNC

    Coming to GNC by way of Spring 2024, Kaged Pre-Exercise Elite Sequence is an up to date spin on Pre-Kaged Elite that is available in each stimulant and stimulant-free choices!

    In our Kaged Elite Pre-Exercise article, we mentioned Kaged’s use of MAX Catalyst, a brand new ingredient absorption expertise based mostly on black pepper extract. It’s again in Kaged Protein Isolate Elite to assist with amino acid absorption too:

    Piperine is an alkaloid, naturally occurring in black pepper, that may assist enhance the absorption of different vitamins. By inhibiting enzymes that ordinarily degrade vitamins in your abdomen, piperine permits these vitamins to transit your abdomen and attain your intestines intact, the place they are often absorbed into your bloodstream of their entire, lively kind.[22]

    Whenever you see piperine utilized in a premium complement like Kaged Protein Isolate Elite, the primary motive is that the formulator is attempting to maximise the worth you get in your greenback, by growing your physique’s absorption of the vitamins within the complement.

    Nonetheless, piperine has another advantages too. It will possibly assist enhance glycemic management by activating glucose transporter 4, which might decrease postprandial blood glucose.[23]

    Piperine has additionally been proven to enhance liver perform in mice,[24] and has antioxidant results.[25]

    MAX Catalyst Logo

  • Cocoa Powder (Processed with Alkali)

    Though it’s not a main a part of Kaged Protein Isolate Elite, cocoa powder can have some nice well being advantages, even in small quantities. That’s as a result of it’s excessive in epicatechin and different polyphenol antioxidants,[26] which have been proven to enhance irritation, circulation, blood strain, ldl cholesterol, and glycemic management[26] amongst different issues.

    The primary motive why cocoa’s antioxidants are so wholesome is their nitric oxide boosting impact.[27,28]

  • Medium Chain Triglyceride Powder

    Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are so known as because of their medium carbon chain size – they include 6 to 12 carbon atoms.[29-32]

    Your liver converts MCTs into ketones,[33] which your physique can then use for clean-burning vitality that received’t have an effect on your blood glucose or insulin ranges. MCT consumption has been proven to extend RMR, velocity up fats loss, help mind well being, and suppress urge for food.[29-31]

  • Natural Agave Inulin

    Kaged Protein Isolate

    Inulin is a prebiotic fiber that may assist enhance microbiome well being.[34,35] It’s known as a prebiotic as a result of it’s a meals supply for probiotic micro organism, which clearly helps that good micro organism proliferate and enhance your gastrointestinal well being.

    The gram of fiber on Kaged Protein Isolate Elite’s complement information label comes from the inulin. Like different dietary fibers, inulin has been proven to assist enhance blood glucose dynamics.[36]

    Granted, the quantity of inulin current right here is small, however slightly can go a good distance.

  • Calcium – 327 mg (25% DV)

    A superb quantity of calcium happens naturally in milk protein fractions.

    We’ve all heard concerning the significance of calcium for wholesome bones – fewer of us know that the physique’s calcium requirement will increase as we become old.[37] That is particularly problematic when you think about the truth that, on common, People additionally eat much less calcium as we age.[38]

    Even younger individuals don’t get as a lot calcium as they need to – the common consumption for younger adults is 1,000 milligrams, which is 200 milligrams in need of the beneficial 1,200 milligrams per day.[37]

    One factor to recollect when calculating your personal calcium consumption is that plant-based sources of calcium exhibit decrease bioavailability than animal sources.[39] That’s why we desire to get calcium from dairy-based dietary supplements like Kaged Protein Isolate Elite.

  • Different Substances

    Kaged Protein Isolate Elite is sweetened with sucralose and steviol glycosides (stevia), and has salt to enrich the remainder of its taste system.

    It makes use of a gum mix of each xanthan gum, guar gum and carrageenan, that are supported by sunflower lecithin for dispersion. In our expertise, utilizing a couple of gum is the whey to go (har har), particularly for whey-heavy merchandise like Kaged Protein Isolate Elite.

All Protein Isolate Elite Flavors

Aaron Heidebreicht & Darin Decker: PricePlow Podcast Episode #097

Aaron Heidebreicht and Darin Decker of Kaged be a part of the PricePlow Podcast from the 2023 GNC Franchise Conference for Episode #097 to debate main partnership updates, which incorporates an infinite launch at GNC!

Why Eat A Excessive-Protein Eating regimen?

Superior complement customers, athletes, and bodybuilders are in all probability acquainted with the metabolic arguments in favor of consuming extra protein. Anybody who hits the health club has in all probability been noticed in some unspecified time in the future with a protein shaker bottle of their fingers as they exit the health club.

However in the event you’re a complement beginner, you is likely to be questioning: what’s the large deal? Why is everyone so obsessive about maximizing their protein consumption? The brief, and maybe apparent reply, is that the quantity of muscle your physique builds in response to train is set largely by your dietary protein consumption.[40]

The query is simply how a lot protein do we have to maximize the anabolic response? How a lot is optimum?

The most recent analysis exhibits that positive aspects on further protein consumption start to fall off across the 0.75 grams per pound of physique weight per day mark.[41] If we arrange a double 95% confidence interval round that quantity – that means we add two customary deviations of day by day protein consumption, simply to make sure we’re not lacking out on any muscle progress – the quantity goes as much as 0.82 grams per pound of physique weight per day.[42]

Protein Diagram

Vitality and/or dietary protein restriction induce web muscle catabolism, releasing amino acids for vitality manufacturing, gluconeogenesis, and synthesis of peptide hormones, plasma proteins, immune system elements, and enzymes (consultant examples, not an exhaustive checklist; not drawn to scale). AA, amino acids; ADH, antidiuretic hormone; hGH, human progress hormone; T3, triiodothyronine; T4, thyroxine.[40]

One thing to notice about each these numbers – 0.75 and 0.82 grams/lb/day – is that they’re each a lot larger than the 0.36 grams/lb/day protein beneficial day by day protein allowance (RDA) at the moment set by the USDA.[43] That’s as a result of the RDA is calibrated for sedentary individuals whose metabolic aim is to not add new muscle, however solely to stop muscular atrophy. So the RDA is not supposed as a information for athletes, bodybuilders, and even simply somebody who’s unusually lively of their day by day life.

In case your aim is to construct as a lot muscle as potential and recuperate from intense train as effectively as potential, you’ll must eat roughly twice as a lot protein because the USDA’s RDA.

The concept protein necessities scale with exercise stage is supported by analysis. One peer-reviewed research from 2016, authored by Dr. Guoyao Wu of Texas A&M, spells it out for us:

“Based mostly on short-term nitrogen steadiness research, the Advisable Dietary Allowance of protein for a wholesome grownup with minimal bodily exercise is at the moment 0.8 g protein per kg physique weight (BW) per day. To satisfy the practical wants similar to selling skeletal-muscle protein accretion and bodily power, dietary consumption of 1.0, 1.3, and 1.6 g protein per kg BW per day is beneficial for people with minimal, reasonable, and intense bodily exercise, respectively.”[44]

The higher certain beneficial right here, 1.6 grams per kg per day, works out to about 0.72 grams per pound of physique weight per day. Very a lot in keeping with the optimum protein consumption we mentioned above.

Kaged Logo

See PricePlow.com/kaged to save lots of on Kaged Dietary supplements!

The common American grownup eats about 88 grams of protein per day, which, utilizing our mannequin based mostly on the double 95% confidence interval, can be sufficient for an athlete weighing solely 107 kilos. Let’s face it – most athletes (particularly male athletes) don’t weigh 107 kilos.

A sedentary particular person, then again, might get away with 88 grams per day, and keep away from muscular atrophy, in the event that they weighed 244 kilos.

That needs to be a pleasant illustration of how elevated bodily exercise can drastically enhance the quantity of protein it is advisable to keep wholesome.

If you happen to’re a 175 pound man doing the usual three day break up – say, push-pull-legs – with cardio on the times in between, you’re in all probability going to do so much higher consuming 0.75 to 0.82 grams per pound of body weight per day. Meaning you’ll want someplace between 131 and 144 grams of protein per day to optimize your muscle progress and restoration from train.

Kaged Hydration Elite

This will get much more sophisticated in the event you’re going by way of reducing and bulking cycles, as a result of reducing makes becoming all that protein into your food regimen much more tough – in nature,protein usually comes bundled with vital quantities of carbs and fats, so in the event you eat sufficient protein from simply entire meals, it may be tough to remain below your most caloric consumption.


Kaged Protein Isolate Elite is a strong entry within the next-generation protein complement class. It’s principally your customary whey protein, up to date in two key methods:

  1. Using ioWhey, which we love and appears on observe to grow to be the brand new trade customary whey supply.
  2. The mix of whey and casein, versus solely one in all these, for optimum muscle protein synthesis.

Kaged Protein Isolate Elite will positively get the job carried out, and is a nice deal at its present value level.

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