Stim-Free Pre-Exercise Pumps for Hybrid Athletes

Within the sports activities complement world, we spend numerous time speaking about the pump. Often, that is in a weightlifting context, the place bodybuilders and powerlifters take pleasure in muscular swelling for aesthetic causes – or simply as a result of it feels superior.

However behind the visible manifestation of the pump are some key mechanisms of motion – together with nitric oxide mediated vasodilation – that may actually assist enhance efficiency. And never simply by growing top-end energy, or serving to you squeeze out one other rep or two on the squat rack, however by boosting endurance and enhancing restoration, too.

Podium Nutrition PUMP

Podium Vitamin PUMP is a non-stim pre-workout for hybrid athletes, powered primarily by a mix of Nitrosigine and L-citrulline

That’s the place merchandise like Podium Pump are available in. As its identify suggests, that is for formidable useful athletes – assume CrossFit – who need to win contests of hybrid athleticism (which means energy and endurance). You already know it’s going to be good when Mat Fraser, “World’s Fittest Man”, is concerned within the model!

With 6 grams of L-Citrulline paired with one other gram of Nutrition21’s Nitrosigine alongside an efficacious 2 grams of taurine and a few added dextrose, Podium Pump can completely assist the exercise wants of Podium’s useful athletes.

We’re glad to be overlaying this at present as a result of we predict it’s a continuously missed discipline of athletic efficiency and complement science — and having spoken to Podium’s management workforce, we predict they’re on to one thing large right here.

So let’s get into how Podium Pump might help you crush the competitors throughout your native gymnasium’s subsequent WOD, however first, examine PricePlow’s coupon-powered offers and join our Podium information and alerts:

In a single 2-scoop (13.2 gram) serving of Podium Pump from Podium Vitamin, you get the next:

  • L-Citrulline – 6,000 mg

    The amino acid citrulline is the complement business’s favourite nitric oxide (NO) booster.[1]

    Podium Nutrition Pump Ingredients

    Citrulline is a conditionally important amino acid. Which means that whereas your physique could make citrulline by itself, it may’t essentially make sufficient to totally cowl your metabolic necessities. This implies we are able to nearly all the time stand to profit from some supplemental citrulline.

    Your physique converts citrulline into NO by the next pathway:

    Citrulline → Arginine → Nitric Oxide

    You’ve in all probability observed that arginine is definitely the direct precursor to NO – so why not take arginine as a substitute? The reply is that citrulline is extra orally bioavailable than arginine.[2,3]

    Why do we would like extra NO?

    NO triggers a mechanism known as vasodilation by which your blood vessels develop in diameter. Thus, you get the identical quantity of blood in an even bigger arterial area, resulting in decreases in blood strain and coronary heart fee that[4-6] provide help to carry out higher on the identical degree of cardiovascular exertion.

    Vasodilation can even profit efficiency and restoration by growing the effectivity of nutrient supply to, and waste removing from, your physique’s cells.

    Research on citrulline present that it may:

    Citrulline Arginine Nitric Oxide Reaction

    The Arginine Citrulline Cycle with a breakout exhibiting the arginine-to-nitric oxide response. Picture courtesy Wikimedia with added biochemistry sources.[7,8]

    • Improve energy by enhancing oxygen uptake[9]
    • Delay athletic endurance by about 50%[10]
    • Scale back post-exercise muscle soreness[10]
    • Upregulate exercise-induced progress hormone (GH) secretion[11]
    • Inhibit protein catabolism[12]
    • Improve the anabolic response to train[13,14]

    Citrulline can even upregulate your physique’s manufacturing of ornithine,[15] an amino acid that’s concerned in clearing ammonia out of your blood and tissues.[16] For the reason that accumulation of ammonia in your tissues can produce each psychological and bodily fatigue, upregulating ornithine might help enhance athletic endurance and enhance restoration.

    Ornithine has additionally been proven to enhance the ratio of cortisol to DHEA, which might enhance sleep.[16]

  • Taurine – 2,000 mg

    Taurine is an osmolyte, which means it may assist enhance mobile hydration.[17]

    Taurine Endurance

    Taurine’s impact on endurance, with success in doses wherever from 1 gram to six grams.[18]

    A 2018 meta-analysis discovered that even a single 1,000 milligram dose – solely half the dose utilized in Podium Vitamin Podium Pump – is sufficient to acutely enhance athletic endurance.[18]

    Taurine can be an essential antioxidant[19] that helps facilitate calcium signaling between muscle cells,[20] thus supporting muscular contractions. Taurine’s calcium-regulating properties can even assist it assist mitochondrial homeostasis, defending mitochondria from excitotoxic stress.[21]

    Like citrulline, taurine is a conditionally important amino acid.[17,18,22] Which means that in case you’re coaching arduous, you in all probability will profit from some supplemental taurine.

    Lastly, taurine is GABAergic and might help downregulate neuronal irritation and assist neuronal mitochondria whereas enhancing inter-synaptic signaling.[22]

    Taurine is nice for psychological and bodily efficiency, which is why we love seeing it in pre-workout formulation like Podium Vitamin Podium Pump.

  • Dextrose – 1,500 mg

    Podium Nutrition PUMP Watermelon Mint: Available at GNC

    The latest recognition of low-carb diets however, each endurance and hybrid athlete is aware of the significance of staying carbed-up for optimum muscle glycogen and, therefore, optimum efficiency. So how ought to we get these carbs? It’s frequent to see individuals reaching for honey, or sugar-sweetened drinks. Nonetheless, in case your objective is to gasoline athletic efficiency, these fructose-containing carbs will not be one of the best ways to go.

    Ample analysis reveals that muscle glycogen synthesis is extra environment friendly with glucose than it’s with fructose.[23-26] Since dextrose is chemically equivalent to glucose (it’s D-glucose, therefore the identify “dextrose”),[27] it’s an apparent alternative as an reasonably priced pre-, intra-, or post-workout carb that additionally tastes nice.

    That’s as a result of fructose will get processed by your liver, which turns it into liver glycogen.[23-25] Fructose can be absorbed extra slowly than glucose/dextrose,[28,29] and should be transformed into glucose[29-31] earlier than your physique can use it, which is a sluggish course of.[32]

    Since muscle glycogen, as opposed liver glycogen, is what we’re after, it is smart to see dextrose seem in Podium Vitamin Podium Pump.

  • Nitrosigine (Inositol-Stabilized Arginine Silicate) – 1,000 mg

    Synergizing alongside the citrulline, Podium Pump additionally has a gram of Nitrosigine, the business’s premier patented NO-boosting ingredient made by Nutrition21,[33] and a private favourite of the PricePlow employees.

    Nutrition21 Nitrosigine Graphic

    Nitrosigine is primarily present in pre-workouts as a result of its capability to spice up nitric oxide ranges… however don’t overlook about its cognitive-supporting capabilities when dosed at 1.5 grams per day!

    As we briefly talked about within the citrulline part of this text, the entire purpose citrulline got here into favor is as a result of the bioavailability of arginine is, to place it mildly, not nice.[34-37] When scientists found citrulline is vastly extra bioavailable,[38] utilizing citrulline as a precursor to arginine, after which to NO, was an apparent resolution.

    Nutrition21, nevertheless, assaults the issue from a unique, extra direct, angle. Nitrosigine is a higher type of arginine, engineered to have lengthy lasting bioavailability. It’s a patented and trademarked complicated of arginine, inositol, and potassium silicate[33] that has been clinically studied at 1.5 grams to advertise nitric oxide manufacturing for improved blood circulation, higher cognitive perform, and vitality.

    Quick-acting, long-lasting, and results that may construct over time

    Nitrosigine is each fast-acting and long-lasting, with NO ranges rising as quickly as half-hour after ingestion[39] and staying elevated for as much as 6 hours.[40]

    Citrulline Malate vs. Nitrosigine

    Past that, there’s additionally proof that the consequences of Nitrosigine construct up over time, as repeated intakes development in direction of greater plasma arginine ranges.[39] Analysis signifies that muscle pump advantages are most pronounced after a number of days of use,[41] and the cognitive analysis carried out at 1.5 grams per day means that the advantages could also be sustained with repeated consumption.[42,43]

    Nitrosigine and the mind

    As talked about above, Nitrosigine has an incredible physique of analysis exhibiting cognitive advantages. Nonetheless, this analysis has all been carried out at 1.5 grams per day,[42-44] which is bigger than the dose right here in Podium Pump. These research display advantages corresponding to stopping post-workout cognitive decline,[43] larger cognitive flexibility,[42] improved emotions of vitality,[45] and improved short-term reminiscence efficiency[44] — however once more, they used a 50% larger dose than what we’ve in two scoops right here.

    There’s much more to say about this superior ingredient, particularly on the 1.5 gram dose degree, so in case you’re , learn our long-form put up titled Nitrosigine: The Nitric Oxide Booster That Enhances Mind Perform.

    Nitrosigine Working Memory Study

    A brand new research revealed in late 2021 confirmed that Nutrition21’s Nitrosigine improves working reminiscence and cognitive perform in wholesome younger adults when dosed at 1.5 grams per day.[44] Learn extra about it in our article titled “Examine: Improved Working Reminiscence from Nitrosigine in Wholesome Younger Adults“.

  • Betaine HCl – 1,000 mg

    Betaine, also called trimethylglycine (TMG), is a potent ergogenic support.[46] It’s, like taurine, an osmolyte, which means it may assist enhance the water content material of your cells and enhance hydration standing.[47,48] Further water brings extra vitamins to cells and makes them extra resilient to warmth stress[49] and different environmental stressors.[50]

    Betaine is a crucial methyl donor,[51,52] which means it carries methyl teams (system -CH3) to the websites of varied metabolic processes like DNA methylation, protein metabolism, and vitality manufacturing. Considered one of methylation’s most essential capabilities is to control the quantity of homocysteine in blood – if this course of is compromised by methyl group deficiency, homocysteine ranges can rise too excessive,[53] which might trigger cardiovascular harm and illness.[48,54]

    Analysis reveals that betaine supplementation can considerably enhance energy, energy, athletic endurance, and physique composition, however once more, a lot of it comes at greater doses, corresponding to 2.5 grams per day (and typically even 5 grams).[47,55-62]

    Betaine HCl over anhydrous?

    What’s distinctive about this ingredient right here is that usually we see betaine anhydrous, whereas right here, we’ve the hydrochloride type. We requested Podium why they made this choice — they said it was greatest for the Impartial taste system:

    Podium Nutrition Logo

    Betaine HCl separates in resolution, so Betaine HCl was used to offset the basicity of the system for style functions, given the principle system is supposed to be impartial in style. Allowed us to maintain the “Impartial” naturally flavored and naturally sweetened.

    — Podium Vitamin

    That’s fairly fascinating and funky to know.

  • Pine (Pinus elliottii) [Bark] Extract – 200 mg

    Pine bark extract is one other NO boosting ingredient – it’s stuffed with phenolic antioxidants[63,64] which have been proven to upregulate endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS),[63,64] the enzyme accountable for producing NO in your arteries.

    Nitrosigine 2022 Cognitive Study Infographic

    A nitric oxide booster that improves cognition?! Sure – Nutrition21 handed round this useful infographic after the Nitrosigine cognition research on wholesome younger adults was revealed at 1.5 grams per day.[44]

    Because of its vasodilatory, antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties, pine bark extract has been used as a standard remedy for cardiovascular illnesses, and assist for cardiovascular well being.[63,64]

    One research means that pine bark extract’s anti-inflammatory results are sturdy sufficient to confer neuroprotective advantages.[64]

  • VasoDrive-AP (Casein Hydrolysate) – 100 mg

    VasoDrive-AP combinestwo particular tripeptide proteins derived from the casein fraction of milk: isoleucyl-prolyl-proline (IPP) and valyl-prolyl-proline (VPP).[65] They’re typically known as lacto-tripeptides (LTPs).

    VasoDrive triggers vasodilation by two complementary mechanisms. First, it does upregulate endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS), thus instantly growing the quantity of NO your physique produces.[66]

    Nevertheless it additionally inhibits vasoconstriction by downregulating an enzyme known as angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE).[65] As you in all probability know, ACE inhibitors are prescribed to deal with hypertension, making this an fascinating ingredient to see in a pre-workout.

    Huge impact sizes at low (10mg/day) doses!

    Based on a 2016 meta-analysis, casein-derived LTPs might help scale back blood strain by about the identical quantity as extra confirmed NO-boosting elements. On common, IPP and VPP doses within the ballpark of 10 milligrams per day reduces systolic blood strain by about 3 mmHg and diastolic blood strain by about 1.5 mmHg. In some of the research reviewed by this meta-analysis, impact sizes on the order of 10 systolic and 6 diastolic have been noticed.[65]

    By comparability, citrulline has been proven to cut back systolic blood strain by about 4 mmHg at customary doses.[67]

    Whereas we’re used to seeing bigger doses of VasoDrive-AP, we’re realizing {that a} plethora of profitable analysis has been performed at far decrease doses — such because the meta evaluation cited above with simply ~10 whole milligrams per day.[65] That is consistent with Podium’s technique for useful/hybrid athletes, as mentioned within the Nitrosigine part — we’re taking pictures for performance-based blood circulation enhancements, not muscle swelling to the purpose of lowered performance.

  • Setria L-Glutathione – 100 mg

    Glutathione (GSH) is the physique’s grasp antioxidant. Your physique makes its personal GSH – nevertheless, as is usually the case, its capability for GSH manufacturing doesn’t essentially cowl all necessities. Thus, for many individuals, supplemental exogenous GSH might help enhance well being and efficiency.[68]

    Setria Glutathione Logo

    Glutathione is among the strongest antioxidants within the physique.

    Made by Kyowa Hakko, Setria has been proven to assist enhance immunity by enhancing cleansing and lowering oxidative stress,[69] which has made it a preferred alternative for well being and wellness dietary supplements.

    Synergistic results between Setria and Citrulline

    We’ve seen Setria present up in a couple of pre-workout formulation.[70,71] The mix of those two elements has been proven to trigger synergistic and sustained rises in nitric oxide (NO) ranges.[70] Additionally they seem to synergistically enhance lean muscle mass and muscular energy,[71] though extra analysis is required to verify these findings.

  • AstraGin (Panax notoginseng [Root] Extract and Astragalus membranaceus [Root] Extract) – 50 mg

    AstraGin is a patented bioavailability enhancer from NuLiv Science.[72-76]

    Podium Pump Watermelon Mint

    It consists of particular bioactive constituents extracted from Astragalus membranaceus and Panax notoginseng, two crops with a protracted historical past in conventional Chinese language drugs. These bioactive constituents upregulate adenosine triphosphate (ATP) within the intestines, which might then use the additional ATP to facilitate nutrient transport into the bloodstream.[77,78]

    Inner research have demonstrated that AstraGin can enhance the bioavailability of amino acids, nutritional vitamins, and different vitamins.[68] As an example, it’s been proven to “promote intestinal epithelial restore by enhancing L-arginine uptake” and “activate the mTOR pathway”,[79] and as you recognize, we’ve a bonded type of inositol-stabilized arginine silicate in right here from Nitrosigine!

    Finally, this ingredient is maximizing the worth you get in your greenback from Podium Vitamin Podium Pump – in spite of everything, dietary supplements do you no good in case your physique can’t soak up them.

  • In abstract, this can be a very correctly formulated pump complement for Podium’s hybrid athlete demographic — not grossly an excessive amount of like a few of our bodybuilding readers all the time need, however undoubtedly not too little.

    Podium Pump is a highly effective and targeted system – each ingredient is right here to both enhance circulation by upregulating NO or assist your muscle tissue do extra work.

    It’s been some time since we final noticed a compelling entry within the hybrid athlete pre-workout class, however Podium Vitamin Podium Pump is unquestionably one which we’ll be giving a go, particularly when the coaching requires it.

    Having spoken to the Podium workforce, we’re 100% assured that this model is on to very large issues — and never simply due to the athletes they sponsor. Keep tuned to PricePlow’s Podium Vitamin information alerts under, there’s much more coming:

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