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All You Want is the Ground and a Ball

Get this into your exercises. With simply your physique weight, it’ll construct your hamstrings, glutes, and calves. Bonus: You are able to do it anyplace.

Seems Straightforward. Spoiler Alert: It’s Not!

The steadiness ball leg curl is a kind of workout routines that lifters typically dismiss as a result of it seems too straightforward. Don’t be fooled. Seasoned lifters typically clutch their legs in agony when first trying it.

Consider this ham curl as a strategy to steadiness out the quantity you’re putting on all of the quad work you do. At any time when my knees get cranky, it’s a reminder to refocus my efforts on these. And regardless of how difficult it’s, it may be a part of a lower-body warm-up because it hits the low again, glutes, hamstrings, and calves. Lastly, utilizing the suitable development on your stage can construct some severe energy and dimension.

Begin with the usual stability ball ham curl, then transfer on to the progressions.

1. The Customary Stability Ball Ham Curl

  • Begin together with your calves on the ball, legs straight, and arms out to the edges for assist.
  • Increase your hips off the bottom by squeezing the glutes whereas protecting the abs braced and ribs down.
  • Concurrently pull your heels in as you prolong your hips upwards. Keep away from overarching your again.
  • On the prime of the motion, there needs to be a straight line out of your knees to your hips. Now decrease right down to the beginning place in management by protecting the hips up whereas straightening the legs.

Now try these variations that you just may not have tried but:

2. Low-Hip Ham Curl

A lowered hip place is taken into account the best, so you might use this as a regression and work your method as much as tougher variations. You could possibly even do this as a part of a drop set, which you’ll see under.

3. 2-Up, 1-Down Ham Curl

Utilizing just one leg on one section of this train remains to be going to be more difficult than the usual bilateral model, nevertheless it received’t be fairly as exhausting as doing it with one leg throughout each phases.

4. Low-Hip to Excessive-Hip Ham Curl

The lowered-hip place of the leg curl can be a neater variation of this carry. So this could be an important regression in case you don’t fairly have the usual model down but. Even in case you do, reducing your hips will shift the emphasis to knee flexion to finish the motion, which is perhaps precisely what you’re going for.

The biceps femoris consists of a protracted and quick head. Not like the opposite hamstring muscle tissue, the quick head of the biceps femoris doesn’t cross the hip joint, so it solely assists in knee flexion. Subsequently, it will likely be more and more recruited on this variation.

5. Single-Leg Ham Curl

That is essentially the most difficult variation as a result of just one leg is working and the hips keep elevated the entire time.

6. The Hamstrings of Metal Drop Set

Mix all these variations for a nasty drop set that’s certain to pump up your leg biceps.

Train Units Reps
A1. Single-Leg Curl 1-3 5-10
A2. 2-Up, 1-Down Leg Curl 1-3 5-10
A3. Double-Leg (Customary) Curl 1-3 5-10
A4. Low-Hip Up, Excessive-Hip Down 1-3 5-10
A5. Low-Hip Leg Curl 1-3 5-10

Do that collection for 1-3 units, striving so as to add a rep or two every week.

Why Your Foot Place Issues

The hamstrings include the semimembranosus, semitendinosus (inside), and biceps femoris (outer) muscle tissue. The semitendinosus and semimembranosus help in medial rotation of the leg, so doing leg curls with the ft barely turned in can place better emphasis on these muscle tissue.

The biceps femoris assists in lateral rotation of the leg, so doing leg curls with the ft turned out barely can emphasize this outer portion of the hamstring. Experiment with ft turned in, turned out, and impartial for balanced improvement.

Medial Focus

Lateral Focus

Balanced Growth

Whichever place feels most difficult doubtless wants further consideration.

How you can Program It

  • Stability ball hamstring curls work effectively in a warm-up for a lower-body targeted session. Decide the development that might will let you comfortably get 1-2 units for 10-20 reps.
  • Throughout a exercise targeted on energy and muscle constructing, choose a variation that allows 3-4 units for roughly 6-15 reps. Concentrate on managed negatives throughout your units.
  • As an adjunct or a finisher, choose a variation that permits 1-3 units for 15-plus reps. Strive experimenting with the drop set as effectively.

You possibly can recuperate from these comparatively shortly and tolerate a better frequency throughout a coaching week. This train is easy to do anyplace, and it’s something however straightforward. Constructed hamstrings and wholesome knees shall be your reward for doing them!



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